Michelle P. reviewed Qualia Mind

almost 2 years ago

Great product

I ordered this and received it just before my brother passed away suddenly. It has been incredibly helpful as i try to focus on work tasks.

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Reginald Farmer F. February 13, 2024

5 stars

Ashley D. January 8, 2024

Great Product

It has been very helpful to get through my day. I definitely feel the difference. Would recommend to anyone. Thank you!

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Orit A. March 19, 2020


I could feel the benefits of the product, I felt focus, acted on things I postponed for a long time, had aha moments but the caffeine disturbed my sleep. Am now waiting for a Qualia Mind Caffeine free to arrive so I can decide if it’s for me.

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Kevin M. March 20, 2022


I did a lot of research on this product before I bought. Lived up to my expectations!

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