Dylan H. reviewed Qualia Focus

almost 2 years ago

great product

love this stuff. seems to be almost a perfect balance of many supplements i was using already.

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Brandon H. July 16, 2022

Good Focus

Most of the time using it is great. I notice some waning effects so I only take it when I need a boost. Good, overall.

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Jeremy G. August 18, 2021


I have had a consistent elevated focus and motivation, I have more energy and I have an overall elevated sense of things. in particular I am someone with ADD and this supplement has made it easier for me to stay on task

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Jennifer K. December 11, 2023

Quality of Advocates

I haven't felt a massive shift, but I do feel less scattered when taking on big projects. The thing I have been impressed about is who is advocating for these products. Real top-notch scientists and members of Podcasts that I am a huge fan of. I have heard folks that I never would have imagined p...

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Willis S. March 4, 2021

Sharp and motivated

Very positive

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