Evani . reviewed Qualia Life

over 2 years ago

Great product

I loved the fact that it has helped with overall energy and clear mind and also it does help me beat the afternoon slowdown. I just drink them after lunch and I’m good for the rest of the day. Also the 2 days off a week didn’t affect the results, as you keep using it it seems to have a more permanent effect in other words you don’t have to become dependent on it. Only four stars because I actually liked the formula more when it was called Eternus.

Neurohacker Collective
Thank you for your product review. Of note, the formula has not changed. We updated the name to Qualia Life with a much cooler label. Please reach out to customer support if you need anything.

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Amazing Product

I am absolutely loving The Qualia products! I feel more alive and more focused!

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I felt more drive to do things.

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