Matthew M. reviewed Qualia Focus | Beta Tester

over 1 year ago

Great Product and Worth a try!

While using this product I have noticed an enhancement in focus and a more conscious awareness of my surroundings. During my last week I sort of felt a kind of burning sensation in my stomach after taking these pills. It’s not a bad burning but more of a tingling sensation burning but only in your stomach. I also perceived a sort of time dilation while taking this product before I went to work. Work days would go by faster without me even really noticing it. Playing video games after taking these pills helped me to get into a flow state easier and made me feel more immersed in my game similar to caffeine but without any jitters at all. Overall experience for such a sort trial was a positive one for me. Hopefully it is the product and not a placebo affect because finding good nootropics seems to be hard to come by!

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Luis T. March 17, 2023


I felt unbelievable energy and was able to finish an insane amount of work. Considering I’m a student this has helped so much

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Lisa M. September 21, 2021

I am pleased with the results

I will continue to take it

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Lenier A. November 16, 2021

End of week 2

Began to notice a cumulative effect with regard to wakefulness in the morning before taking my daily dose. I also felt increased anxiety. Not sure if it is my schedule or the Focus. I was previously taking Qualia Mind and did not feel as anxious. I also have intermittent “strain” with urination a...

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Mohamed A. May 20, 2022

My first time taking Qualia

After my first dose, I can say this is a pretty good all in one nootropic. Nit only does it give me the energy without the jitters, but a smooth clean focus

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