Nate L. reviewed Qualia Focus | Beta Tester

over 2 years ago

Great product!

Quiets my mind giving me the ability to focus on the task at hand.

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Blake Z. April 6, 2024


Love the focus and energy

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Dan N. November 26, 2021

Very effective product that delivers!

I feel that this product increased my focus and all-around clarity, as well as access to improved retention. I did noticed after the first week, that I felt like I crashed a bit, like the five-day improvement meant it took something out of me on the back end. I then tried taking just one pill a d...

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Tiana L. February 28, 2024

Good energy

Took my body 2 weeks to feel peak performance but it works!

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Derek C. November 16, 2021

Pleasantly surprised

Pleasantly surprised. Good focus without any jitters or anxiety. Surprised it’s only 2 capsules.

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