Dennis O. reviewed Qualia Mind

11 months ago

Great product for a good price

Its a good deal for what you get in the bottle

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David S. May 24, 2022

The Creative Mind

I noticed my creative thoughts and my ability to move through procrastination enhanced.

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Michelle S. August 5, 2021

Excellent Customer Service

Prompt reply to my request, they honor their money back guarantee.

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Drew G. July 26, 2021

Qualia Mindfulness!

I've tried Qualia Mind for over a month now and have noticed sharpened mental acuity and a clarity of thought when making decisions that sometimes would previously take alot of time or completely stump me...also of note, I'm winning at board games far more often and the Dad jokes are flowing like...

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Gersom R. October 10, 2021

4 stars