Michael D. reviewed Qualia Focus | Beta Tester

over 1 year ago

Great Product for Cognitive Intensive Workloads

Paired with the Qualia Mind I take every morning (standard 7 capsules), Focus gave me a significant boost right when I needed it. I saw additional clarity of thought, able to make connections I had been missing, and solved a number of problems that had been outstanding at work. I would be curious to see how Focus functions independent of Mind, as I suspect they are complementary in many ways but also perhaps redundant. Overall great experience, typically I would take Mind first with a bottle of water, then Focus with about half a bottle of water, having a yogurt immediately afterwards. No issues with upset stomach, digestional issues, or headaches (although there was one day that my water intake had been significantly reduced in which I experienced a bit of light-headedness and aura in my vision). Every time I kept to my water intake routine though I had no issues. Prior to starting the trial, I had also begun taking vitamin D (125 mcg) and zinc (30 mg) supplements with a bottle of water right after waking (started 2 weeks prior to beginning Focus). Very satisfied with the results, I intend on seeing how my cognitive performance does over the next few weeks/month with just Mind compared to Mind + Focus and may begin using Focus regularly.

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Jakob B. August 22, 2021

Noticeable, but subtle difference in focus and ability to concentrate

I didn't notice much difference in the beginning, but that might have been because of lack of sleep. Definitely started feeling more focused and calm after the 4th day of taking the supplement. The effect is subtle, but it's a noticeable difference when I don't take it. I'm able to concentrate mo...

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Gabriel G. October 27, 2022

Qualia Focus

Amazing energy and focus better than Alfa Brain by Onnit

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William S. May 15, 2023

Great product

Really helpful

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Josh P. April 4, 2021

Tuned. Balanced.

I was in a flow. Not as worried about each decision I had to make, with the ability to make tough decisions I could stick with. There was a bit of synchronicity in my day.

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