Maria G. reviewed Qualia Focus | Beta Tester

about 2 years ago

Great product. Good on a daily basis. It helps you think, retrieve memories without too much caffeine

Better than the first formulation primarily because it had less caffeine in it. I could take it without getting jittery

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James S. November 30, 2022

Subtle But Noticable

Taken this on a few different occasions in the last two years. Sometimes it takes a few days to notice the effects but I love it!

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Isaac L. January 23, 2023


Amazing product has made me create so muchh

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Chris S. July 27, 2023

Having a clear mind

Wonderful product! Sharpens the mind all around the board!

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Emily B. May 29, 2023

Neurohacker knocks it out of the park again!

I definitely felt more focused, alert, and like I could pay attention to my very cerebral job.

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