Ej K. reviewed Qualia Mind

about 1 year ago

Great product. Miserable fulfillment

Ordered Qualia Mind, was pleased with product so tried the Mind-Life-Immune package through a subscription. Next thing I know two more Qhalia minds show up in separate maings and two more package orders in additional mailings. Have been charged for all orders never made. Again, love the products but fulfillment center is out of control so I am cancelling subscription.

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Charles E. January 9, 2022

Love nootropics

Excited to start this, just got it and took it 3 minutes ago. Already the world looks like the matrix code and I can feel myself astrally projecting into the beyond realm. Just kidding. But after reading a review of this stuff by Ben Greenfield I felt like I got a contact high just from reading h...

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Kevin P. March 20, 2022

Game changer

Best I've tried

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Benjamin K. December 21, 2021

5 stars

molli m. September 29, 2021

Worth every penny!

I have a much clearer mind. I can wake up a bit groggy I guess but now I wake up very quickly. I like the alertness and there's no shakiness. I also get tired and fall asleep well. I feel regulated.

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