Dr. A. reviewed Qualia Original Stack

about 2 years ago

Great product with noticeable effects

The first two days, I noticed a subtle difference, but by day 3 I noticed better memory, improved communication with patients in my office, higher energy, better physical performance in cycling, and improved creativity and motivation in quantifiable ways. It doesn't feel like a drug, it just makes me feel more efficient and improves upon my natural strengths. Sometimes I experience very mild and short term nausea following the second set of pills, but I attribute that more to the size of the capsules starting to digest rather than the ingredients. Otherwise, I'm very satisfied with the product. I'll be interested to see how I feel three months from now.

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Joseph J. November 20, 2017



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Adam W. September 27, 2017

Solid, data-driven formula

Qualia gives you a number of battle-proven, high-quality nootropics and doesn’t skimp on dosages. My only complaint is the high price, but its wide range of ingredients and generous dosages makes the high price point easier to swallow.

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Tom M. December 13, 2017

Fog Reduction

I've tried so many things to help with the brain fog and fatigue I have been experiences for over 3 years. Qualia is the first thing that has given me a definitive boost. Thanks NHC!

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Stephanie L. September 28, 2017

Amazing cognitive support

I love this supplement! It has really dramatically increased my productivity, focus and attention! I love that this is all natural, and I look forward to seeing the continued benefits in the months to come!

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