Nathaniel C. reviewed Qualia Immune

12 months ago

Great product with results!

I have experienced quick recoveries with a minor cold. What I will say is that since taking this I have experienced full days. What I mean by that is I have a healthy appetite, great cognitive brain function and though I’m experiencing the most stressful period of my life with a custody legal battle, my ability to recover from physical aches due to overthinking has been phenomenal! Thanks so much for allowing me to test this and I definitely recommend this product and will purchase if/when it is available for sale (and my funds are back from these lawyers fees 😆)! The last thing I should mention is you don’t feel an effect from the medicine directly, but you experience the difference in your days and that’s a big plus!

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Samantha H. June 18, 2020

Good sleep and energy

I didn't have a very noticeable reaction to it. I would probably want to cycle off it (which I'm doing now) and then see if I noticed changes.

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Justin W. February 19, 2021


As of around 3 weeks ive experienced noice increase in attention energy levels , will let you know more once I recieve and use second bottle

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Joel . January 27, 2021

Great approach to building the body’s resilience

Love the complexity approach, & the ingredient composition. No noticeable subjective difference, though haven’t been unwell and feeling reasonably energetic despite some sleep deprivation (living with a newborn)

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Shane M. January 30, 2021

used through a few days of aggressive weather. definitely felt like this gave me an extra boost

strong immune support

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