Moody A. reviewed Qualia Mind

about 1 year ago

Great results

I have been taking Qualia Mind for a while. One of the clear and definite improvements I noticed was memory improvement. I am again able to remember passwords that I had to continually write down. Also, my short term memory has improved. I can keep in mind a string of digits for authentication that I had to do digit by digit. Since taking qualia, I have a sense of a greater clarity of thought.

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Emily N. November 18, 2021


Love the variety

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Gifty J. April 4, 2022



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Max M. July 1, 2023


Bought qualia mind to help me study. Couldn't pass without it!

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Miles Y. May 19, 2018

Very Satisfied

Ive been taking qualia for a couple weeks now and my memory has improved also while im at work and studying im making connections that I never have before.and lastly my anxiety has been almost non existant,which im very pleased with.Overall I think this product is great!

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