Tony L. reviewed Qualia Mind

almost 2 years ago

Has not been a great experience for me.

Honestly I've been taking it for a week now and have seen little to no improvement so far, also causes stomach aches when I take it. It could be worth the try due to money back, but I personally don't find it worth the high cost for such little benefits in my experience.

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Abfullah A. January 26, 2020


Your Premium Product has changed me. Changed my life forever. It was the Paradigm Shift that asked the God, Universe or the higher power (just name it) to make it happen. I become invincible, focused, with clear mind. Truly, I become the best version of myself. It gave me the ultimate s...

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Brandon H. April 18, 2021

Not much improvement

Not a bad product but don't really notice any change. I've been taking for two weeks now and no major improvement in Focus, Sleep or any of the things it mentions. Was hoping for more especially having to take 7 of these fish tasting pills every morning.

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Paul W. May 2, 2022

Qualia mind seems to be a legit product

I've only just started using qualia mind, so I am unable to rate it 5 stars yet. But I am noticing alertness, and thought quality that I wasn't previously reaching, and would recommend the product if you can afford it. Expensive, but worthwhile. Came in with low expectations, haven't left yet-...

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Ken C. July 23, 2021

Enjoying the experience

Just finishing my first full week using Qualia Mind and while I expect to have a more definitive opinion in a month or two so far this has been an enjoyable experience. I'm experiencing a noticeable boost in memory and alertness, especially in the afternoon for the latter. It seems to be an excel...

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