Othman L. reviewed Qualia Original Stack

over 2 years ago


I have not seen any difference besides a feeling of uncomforte headache

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Yury M. January 3, 2018

supports great energy and focus!

After a few weeks I think I have figured out the most beneficial way to take step 1 and step 2 for me personally. I always get rockstar energy from step 1, and for some reason step 2 slows me down a bit, not sure if this is how it should work. After all, I think it's a great product that can help...

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Bernadette D. August 22, 2018

Not feeling much of anything

It's been 10 days now - followed the instructions and took the 2 days off, taking correct dosage, and can't say I feel either increased energy or any change at all in pretty much anything.

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Tyler W. December 11, 2017

My go to one stop shop

I'm not going to be able to put this more eloquently than several of the other customers who have reviewed before me, so instead I'll offer this. I have a monthly subscription for Qualia and have for about 6 months. I think my continued return business is all the evidence that one needs when as...

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Sherwin P. January 6, 2018

Best Nootropic I have ever taken!

I have taken several other nootropic supplements over the last 10 years in an attempt to keep my memory sharp, but none have worked so intensely well. I have a TBI, hypervigilance, and always struggle to focus and maintain my memory. I really feel like Qualia has helped reconnect my brain and all...

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