Othman L. reviewed Qualia Original Stack

over 4 years ago


I have not seen any difference besides a feeling of uncomforte headache

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Ross G. January 28, 2018

Who needs sleep?

I can reliably say that the effects of Qualia are extraordinary. I find myself dramatically focused, and the book I'm writing has jumped with ease out of my brain and onto the screen. I find myself much more aware and intuitive at my chosen profession. Even my meditation seems to have changed for...

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Abram S. December 18, 2017

I’m in love!

This is by far the highest quality, most comprehensive product on the market with actual clinical doses of ingredients. Truly an amazing product and certainly worth every penny!!!

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Mikhael B. December 14, 2017

Good stuff

I use only when I have a day that I need to really focus so the bottle lasts me quite a while. Very good stuff. Will always have some on hand.

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G. A. February 4, 2018

Give it a Shot

I was skeptical at first, but am happy I gave it a shot.

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