Annie T. reviewed Qualia Focus

over 1 year ago

help me to focus more

help me to focus more than before

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David R. November 15, 2021


My job requires me to get up at 3:30 a.m. and adding Focus has helped to get my work day started. It's also allowed me to cut down on the amount of coffee I normally drink in the morning.

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Anthony S. May 25, 2023

Great mental clarity and focus!

This product really did appear to provide more consistent mental energy for me throughout the day and mental clarity. I did notice more bruxism with some mild increases in anxiety (however the anxiety increases were not every day when taking it, only an average of 1 day per week). While I enjoyed...

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Robert B. April 7, 2023

That Little Boost

Gives me the little boost I need to get going about my day.

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Susan S. April 21, 2022

Give it a try!

This helped me focus and get my work done accurately, even when I haven't slept well.

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