Remy G. reviewed Qualia Mind

3 months ago


THE BEST SUPPLEMENTS I HAVE EVER USED. I like the Qualia Mind, It keeps me mentally energized all day! I dont use it as recommended because I am sensitive to the CAFFEINE but on the days I use it, it makes a great deal of difference in my productivity. My intention is to switch to a bottle of the QM CAFFEINE FREE to replace the regular one. The caffeine side effects became a problem after about 5 days consistent use BUT I must say I am pleasantly surprised it has not affected my sleep in a negative way. In fact I have seen significant improvement in my ability to fall asleep quickly. *I suffer from chronic INSOMNIA and I know I will get even greater benefits from the product once I am able to sleep better.

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Mitchell I. September 29, 2019

Clear Focused Vision

Using Qualia Mind has given me the ability to tackle my day more clearly with focused attention and less foggy thinking. I feel like my fast paced spazzed out mind is more in control. I do feel it works that much better when I get proper amount of sleep/rest. It is a great addition to my life but...

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Jayne S. August 24, 2018

Too new to feel any effects.

Started about 8 days ago and do not notice any benefits. I have been having headaches and increased my water intake. I shall wait and see.

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Melissa M. April 25, 2019

*ATTENTION* If you have ADHD Read *Naturally Very Skeptical Person, Extremely Impressed!!*

I am completely blown away with how well this product has worked for me. As someone who suffers from ADHD, I know my brain very well and can tell when my prescription medication has kicked in; therefor when I felt this product work almost immediately I was not only surprised, but very impressed! ...

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Jerry J. September 25, 2019

First week

I took the recommended dose of 7 tablets for 5 days. I noticed slightly improved sleep, but nothing else. The day after a stopped (3 weeks ago) I suffered an acute illness (completely unrelated to QM) and have not yet recommenced taking the tablets. (I'm proving this review now only because of a ...

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