Tyler H. reviewed Qualia Mind Caffeine Free

almost 3 years ago

Helped my mind recover

Excellent product that does work even without caffeine. It certainly gives me energy, but it’s a blunted, comfortable focus energy. I still find it difficult to “direct” it, but my performance at work skyrockets when I take it. I’m 160 lb male and was able to use 3-4 on an empty stomach in the morning for 5 days and take the weekend off. The first week it was still affecting 14 hours later at night. By the following tuesday I would need 5 and the next week I was taking all 7. Taking the weekend off was not enough to fight tolerance. To get the same effect of the first week I need, at minimum, two and a half straight weeks off. At least. I’d like to try each of the ingredients by themselves to see if I could improve the effects in any way. At no point in 8 months did I experience dependence or withdrawal when ceasing. This was of course with at least 2 days a week off, sometimes a few weeks. Though, having experience in the matter I could see myself experiencing some form of malaise, at minimum, if taken for months with no break or taking more than the rec dose repeatedly. It works too well to not do that. Overall a very effective and clean product. If money was no issue I’d take it probably 8-15 days per month. Having to subscribe was what ended my time with Qualia. I could pitch this product so easily to people in my industry at different price point, but even easier if it wasn’t a sub only. Thank you for this product, it helped me greatly recovering from a TBI once it okay to take it. ultimately Qualia mind got me through the second half of a one year recovery.

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Joe M. May 6, 2021


It’s definitely working for memory and sharpness.

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Brooks Y. February 12, 2022

Noticeable improvements

I've been taking this on and off for a couple years, and I can say that I consistently notice improvements in mood, clarity of mind, and possibly even my capacity for compassion and other aspects of emotional intelligence. I highly recommend it if you can afford it.

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OscarP M. August 21, 2021

Best supplement ever

Been taking this product for years and convinced several family members and friends to buy in to this too and all are happy

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Omar T. February 10, 2024

Best nootropic ever

I have tried all the nootropics in the market and by far this one is the best. I would like if they added Lion's mane to it, but other than that, perfect.

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