Andrew T. reviewed Qualia Mind Essentials

12 months ago

Helped some, not much effect


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Austin B. January 25, 2021

I cycled off over the weekend and the effects on Monday morning were noticeable; the caffeine definitely takes effect. Tuesday morning, it was more subtle, but definitely has served as a good morning pick-me-up. Still uncertain about if I'm noticing any daylong effects in focus other than the initial boost in energy.

Back on Focus after cycling off

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Karin L. March 6, 2020

Program Analyst

At first it was unbelievably fantastic! I was calm, not feeling the low level anxiety, emotions level, brain TOTALLY engaged for about a week (taking off the weekends). After 6 months I really don't appreciate a significant difference. I tried going without it for a week and felt only slightly mi...

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Erick L. April 22, 2020

I can’t get out of my office

Focus is so effective that I can’t get out of my office without finishing every task, I have for the day. Even after I’m done, I could continue for hours long. ( I already work 14-16 hrs a day! Thanks Neurohacker, amazing product & it’s worth the investment!

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Ryan G. November 30, 2021

Fast shipping

I ordered and it came within a couple days. I do not know how well it works yet, but I will check back in and update this when I have something to review.

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