Daniel P. reviewed Qualia Focus | Beta Tester

over 2 years ago

Helps kick start my day but needs to be paired with food.

Definitely helps start the day off but also needs food to go with it, felt a bit nauseated when I skipped breakfast.

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Kael E. March 1, 2023


Amazing, exactly as advertised.

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Carolyn W. February 28, 2023


This has completely helped me focus better and I feel more like myself!

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T A. February 17, 2023

Focus up

My focus has definitely improved.

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Aniah B. December 9, 2022

Life saver

Fantastic product. I got this because I was having exhaustion and trouble focusing. I also get full body pain and massive headaches. It solves my headaches and pain completely. I'm not sure why. I rely on this for my health regimen now.

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