Samuel-David L. reviewed Qualia Mind Caffeine Free

8 months ago

Horrible product

Does not work at all and can not feel anything whatsoever

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Greg A. November 30, 2021

5 stars

Kenny m. November 27, 2020

Really great product

Fantastic product, gives me a really clear, clean focus all day.

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Scott L. September 4, 2018

Fantastic Product

Best over the counter nootropic that I have ever tried! Yes, more focus. Yes, more energy. Yes, more motivation. But most of all, Qualia just leaves me feeling really clear and "clean" for lack of better description. I highly recommend Qualia to anyone looking for a competitive edge in the busine...

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Benjamin H. December 10, 2020

Tastes and smells like fish - difficult to swallow entire dose every morning

I take a lot of pills. I can usually take up to 4 pills of this size at once, but the taste and smell of these are so bad that I had to stop taking them entirely because I find it difficult to swallow even one at a time. That said, this formula may work better for others than it did for me, and t...

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