Lisa M. reviewed Qualia Focus | Beta Tester

about 2 years ago

I am pleased with the results

I will continue to take it

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Alyssa R. February 27, 2023

Works wonders

Very effective!

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Cody H. August 2, 2023

Great for getting work done

I recently got promoted at work, great thing overall, but it has come with a boat load of work. Qualia Focus has helped me complete mountains of documents I needed to in order to get over the hump and start of my new position. Its extremely difficult to stay focused for 8 plus hours a day, but Qu...

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Janyss W. March 8, 2023

Amazing Product

This worked amazing the first week. I’m not sure if the effect wore off or I was doing something differently. It still works just not as good as the first week. I wish I could keep taking it to further gauge its affectedness.

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Meg S. August 19, 2021

Review 1

Good morning lift!

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