Gaspar T. reviewed Qualia Mind

about 2 months ago

I didn't feel anything

I didn't feel any effects. I took the whole bottle and I am not satisfied in the least.

Neurohacker Collective
Thank you for trying Qualia Mind. Our Customer Support staff issued a full refund on your one unit purchase. Typically, the biggest issue that will prevent you feeling the full effects of Qualia is sleep. Qualia works along the same pathways in the brain that move your memories from short to long term storage when you sleep. If you are not getting enough sleep or the right kinds of sleep than those pathways are unavailable and you will not feel Qualia working. Our recommendation is to pause taking Qualia and work on getting a lot of rest to get your body back on track. Get a lot of well uninterrupted sleep for 3-5 days and then resume taking Qualia to see if you notice a difference and can feel the effects of Qualia working properly.

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