Amanda J. reviewed Qualia Focus | Beta Tester

11 months ago

I didn’t think it was possible to feel worse but I did

I had headaches everyday , all I wanted to do was sleep . I had a very low sex drive. Couldn’t think or focus.

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Allen H. November 22, 2022

Highly Recommend!

I have a major issue with focus and attention span, I’ve noticed that when taking Qualia Focus it helps with concentration, more diligent on not procrastinating and simply getting things done. I have a bad habit of saying I’ll get to it later and lately I’ve been staying on task. I’ve also notice...

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Terry Y. September 11, 2023

Rare energy

It's a rare thing, getting up early with renewed energy, exercising, all with a keen sense of time and ability to avoid distractions. Focus seems to be working after just 2 weeks. I'll be continuing to take it.

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Jacob M. May 20, 2023

Renew Vigor

Overall improved outlook- more motivated taking on challenges. I took it mid-late morning and noticed improved afternoon energy/productivity where I typically would have been fading.

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Courtney C. May 22, 2023

Not for me, but i still highly recommend Qualia products

I appreciate the quality ingredients and Qualia’s commitment to diligent research and development, but I had to discontinue taking this product. For some reason, it upset my stomach- made me nauseated and crampy.

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