Manlio L. reviewed Qualia Immune

9 months ago

I love experiments with great results!

not sure what's inside but I do feel a steady calm sensation of energy through the day. I feel more focused and productive.

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James H. February 4, 2021

Dialed in formulation full of high quality ingredients that buttress & train your immune system

Thus far, I’ve been impressed with Qualia Immune. The formulation is spot on with high quality ingredients such as Wellune, Echinacea Purpurea, L-theanine, and Vitamin D. I’ve experienced an overall feeling of health/wellness and have also observed a marked improvement in my day to day mood. Comb...

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Elizabeth K. June 17, 2020

The body knows!

On two occasions when I found myself feeling a bit low, a bit under the weather, I found my system craved this product. I took it right away. I realized later those days that I had been feeling poorly in the morning, and instead of feeling weak or dragging I was feeling strong again, and in my po...

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Westley A. January 30, 2021

A solid formula

I haven’t noticed a ton after 5 days of usage (though I wouldn’t anticipate that unless/until used on a long term basis) but I did see a noticeable reduction in nighttime nasal congestion — perhaps around a 25-30 percent alleviation. I feel like something in this formula subtly yet noticeably boo...

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Eugene C. January 28, 2021

Eugene Immune Study 2 Feedback

Didn't notice any changes.

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