Manlio L. reviewed Qualia Immune

over 1 year ago

I love experiments with great results!

not sure what's inside but I do feel a steady calm sensation of energy through the day. I feel more focused and productive.

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Lorae F. July 14, 2021

Clean energy

This gave me clean energy. Makes me feel alive.

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Christina E. February 1, 2021

Excellent ingredients for immunity

After taking Qualia Immune for 5 days I really didn’t notice any difference in the way I felt. Knowing that it is packed with excellent ingredients makes me believe it is working hard behind the scenes to support my immune system. I would definitely try it again and see how I feel after a month o...

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Christianne N. January 30, 2021

Amazing Ingredients

During my trial, I definitely experienced more restful sleep and I was also waking up feeling energized right away. I’m sure it was also priming my immune system to strengthen up. Maybe if the trial was 2 weeks I would have been able to see more immune-related effects. Still awesome though.

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Kyle B. February 5, 2021

Immune study samples, up them samples.

Decent, no negative effects, doesn’t seem like a sufficient amount to be able to properly determine its overall effects. Thank you for the inclusion in the study and the sample.

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