Rona D. reviewed Qualia Night

over 1 year ago

I Only Wish I knew About This Product Sooner

I thought of writing a review during the first week but waited a bit longer to truly give a real account of my experience to help others like myself, on the verge of collapse due to lack of sleep. Going into week two (had two nights off as directions suggest) and I feel renewed. It didn’t work so well for my husband and I can’t help but wonder if that’s because he doesn’t have the same lifestyle habits as I do. I’ve been doing the Bulletproof coffee for about three weeks now, I gave up alcohol, I’ve been working on my breathing and eating really well. This product rescued me from an extremely tumultuous year of unrest and severe stress. I thank the creators and highly recommend to anyone who is suffering from lack of sleep. I can think so much better now, no brain fog, I’m not clouded. I feel truly alive and happy.

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