DANA I. reviewed Qualia Mind Essentials

about 1 year ago

I recommend Qualia Essentials

I noticed clearer and crisper thinking after one week of taking the full dose daily in the AM on an empty stomach. I initially got it in preparation for a job interview, started taking it 5 days before the interview, killed it, have a follow up interview with the CEO next week. I will continue taking QUALIA Essentials going forwards, 5 days per week, 2 days off. I'm more productive and content at my current job and not sure I want to leave anymore, still going on next week's interview though QUALIA IS WORTH THE MONEY, IT IS AN INVESTMENT IN MYSELF

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Samuel K. July 15, 2020


When I take Qualia Focus in the morning before leaving home for work,by the time I reach workplace between 20-30 minutes, I already feel active and ready for physical work. I also feel very attentive and focus on the job. I love Qualia Focus, it very much for me.

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Cesar M. January 18, 2023


Just what I neededd

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Tyler G. July 18, 2021

5 stars

Andrew P. September 24, 2020

Sharper, Clearer, More Relaxed

I've been using Qualia Mind Essentials for about two weeks and have noticed that I am more focused (fewer monkey mind episodes), my thinking and processing seem to be faster and clearer (less brain fog) and I am more at ease, stress seems to be greatly reduced or at least how I observe and proces...

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