Stephanie E. reviewed Qualia Mind Caffeine Free

about 2 years ago

I want to love it but....

I’m only half way through the first bottle so I’m still getting acquainted with it, but so far results are barely noteworthy. I will say, my very first day taking it I noticed a substantial boost of energy and clarity without the jitters, all the glorious benefits it’s purported to bestow, and was so elated by its effects I nearly jumped up to write a review then and there ...but it was still just day 1. Importantly, I believe, I took it on an empty stomach that first day, as directed. Now, almost 2 weeks on at the full 7 pill dosage, I can’t tell if I notice anything or not after taking it. I think taking it on an empty stomach may be key, as I have had it several days with a light breakfast, without detecting much effect from the supplement. Yesterday I had it on an empty stomach and felt more energetic in the next hour, but it’s hard to attribute this to the pills or simply a good night’s rest. The effects haven’t been unmistakable as they tend to be on caffeine. Instead, they’re so negligible that I’m questioning whether the $136/mo price tag is worth wondering if I’m feeling anything yet. To be fair I’ll probably give it 3 months and continue to experiment with the dosage, timing and fasting to see if I find a winning combination.

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Heather M. October 26, 2021

Worth it

It's so nice to have (almost) all-in-one supplement options that are high quality and in the right proportions. I've read some complaints about the # of pills per serving, but since it condenses 15-20 other pills into 7 or 8, it's still better. Fewer pills and fewer bottles to deal with every mo...

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Eric C. May 11, 2022

Excellent Product

I've become much more organized and focused with the use of Qualia mind in a responsible manner.

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Regis H. May 11, 2020

Working as it should

My wife tried this before and we didn't seem to get results, but this time, it seems to be helping her with her memory difficulties, which have been severe. She is verbal, but in the worst times, constantly hunted for words and could not initiate a conversation. Qualia is part of her treatment pr...

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Tom C. August 16, 2021

Great supplement.

I'm a software engineer and with this I would lose my job.

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