Stephanie E. reviewed Qualia Mind Caffeine Free

4 months ago

I want to love it but....

I’m only half way through the first bottle so I’m still getting acquainted with it, but so far results are barely noteworthy. I will say, my very first day taking it I noticed a substantial boost of energy and clarity without the jitters, all the glorious benefits it’s purported to bestow, and was so elated by its effects I nearly jumped up to write a review then and there ...but it was still just day 1. Importantly, I believe, I took it on an empty stomach that first day, as directed. Now, almost 2 weeks on at the full 7 pill dosage, I can’t tell if I notice anything or not after taking it. I think taking it on an empty stomach may be key, as I have had it several days with a light breakfast, without detecting much effect from the supplement. Yesterday I had it on an empty stomach and felt more energetic in the next hour, but it’s hard to attribute this to the pills or simply a good night’s rest. The effects haven’t been unmistakable as they tend to be on caffeine. Instead, they’re so negligible that I’m questioning whether the $136/mo price tag is worth wondering if I’m feeling anything yet. To be fair I’ll probably give it 3 months and continue to experiment with the dosage, timing and fasting to see if I find a winning combination.

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Jeff R. July 15, 2020

A whetstone for the mind

This product isn't the pill from Limitless, but it definitely sharpens the mind. I can tell my thoughts are clearer, calmer, and precise. My recall and retention are better, as is my overall cognition. Great product.

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Judd R. July 4, 2020

No appreciable difference.

Apart from feeling short-tempered for a couple hours after using, I not not perceive a significant increase in congnition or focus. Unfortunate.

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Gage W. October 15, 2019

I can feel the effects, especially after the first few weeks. I was taking Athletic Greens as well, but something in that formulation in cooperation with Qualia Mind was giving me anxiety. I am pretty familiar with supplements and have been experimenting for many years, so I've run into a few pit...

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marc s. August 9, 2019

Amazing product

The product is amazing. I’ve been using Qulia for about a year and a half. I notice a difference in sharpness and mental clarity and recall. I really enjoy the caffeine free qualia and still enjoy my coffee or preworkout products.

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