Derek P. reviewed Qualia Immune

11 months ago

I was happy to test, but wouldn't purchase or recommend.

Took it for 5 days straight as instructed. Felt literally nothing.

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Michael D. January 27, 2021

1 week immune trial

This product works great, I think. Nothing much of a noticable effect, however my wife and friends are sick and I'm not so I'm going to take that as a win

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Jeremy B. June 19, 2020

Scott K. January 31, 2021


The first day taking this I developed headches about an hour after taking it, but once that went away, every day after was really good. Felt good and energetic. I didn't feel sick or experiacne anything negative expect the headaches on the first day. Not sure what long-term immunity boosting happ...

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Rene A. June 18, 2020

Improved sleep and well rested in the morning.

At first I did not feel much difference but by the third week I felt much better and energetic and my sleep seems to have improved.

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