sarah c. reviewed Qualia Immune

over 1 year ago

Great sleep aid.

Though this supplement is advertised for immune support, the greatest benefit I enjoyed was sound sleep. After decades of waking up intermittently during the night, I slept 9 hours straight through without waking from the third day of taking it. I also felt I had more energy, but I suspect this may have just been because I was sleeping better.

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Francisca C. January 30, 2021

Best sleep product too!!

Immune has helped me sleep better! I feel great!

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EMILY C. February 2, 2021

Not enough time to comment

I believe that it takes longer than 5 days to see the change in someone's immune system from a supplement, so I refrain from making a comment until I purchase the product and give it adequate time to review.

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James L. January 30, 2021

Top-notch immunity stack

Haven't been sick since I've started using it, and it doesn't cause an upset stomach like other supplements with with zinc in it. Has all the ingredients and more that I was looking for in an immunity stack.

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William V. February 14, 2021

Awesome formula, zinc is very helpful for any immune system!

A superbly made Immune formula. No overt effects, but no ill effects either. I imagine it's working very well.

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