Michael S. reviewed Qualia Immune

6 months ago

Immune Seems to work

Hard to say how my immune system worked on this product although I did feel good.

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Derek M. January 30, 2021


I feel the same

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Michael D. January 27, 2021

1 week immune trial

This product works great, I think. Nothing much of a noticable effect, however my wife and friends are sick and I'm not so I'm going to take that as a win

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Jason M. February 2, 2021

Enhanced clarity and elevated energy

The first two days I split the dosage, two caps in the am and two in the evening with meals. After the first two days and experiencing no abdominal discomfort or abnormality, I began taking the full does in the am every day. I definitely felt an enhanced sense of clarity while taking this suppl...

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Stephen K. February 2, 2021

52 and not finished

I started taking immune on Monday the 1st and have really liked the overall effects. I go to the gym by 0430 and it has assisted me for the duration of my training.

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