Nate H. reviewed Qualia Immune

12 months ago


Felt similar the Week Prior to use , the Week of Use, and Week After use. Did not feel and effort, either good or bad.

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Kawika M. January 30, 2021

Made me wonder about possibilities.

I truly wish you had considered offering more than you did for the study. You take a pain reliever for a headache and it works (or should) in an hour or two. But to experience a noticeable change in my body's immune system after just five days? Let's put it this way, if that had been the case, I'...

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Karen D. January 30, 2021

Great stuff - always a little room for possible improvement

Overall this is great stuff! I noticed a bit more natural energy, and recovery time post-exercise decreased! Only ingredients that could make this a true powerhouse is to add in Omega-3, turmeric, possibly chaga. Keep up the great work on your products NeuroHacker!!

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Jose C. January 28, 2021

What i was missing

Gives me more energy Maybe because i slept better.

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Nadine A. February 2, 2021

Good experience

I split my dose by taking 2 in the AM and 2 in the afternoon. I usually get tired right after lunch but I would take my second dose and I did not feel tired. My daughter also has had a runny nose and cough all week and thankfully it has not been passed to me.

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