Dallas P. reviewed Qualia Mind

6 months ago

Increase the Quality of Your Interactions with the World Around You

I've been a Qualia Mind user since the early days. The product has met and often exceeded my expectations for a powerful but well-balanced nootropic. And the improvements made to the formula have grown and refined its performance over time. Personally, I can perform well without it, but my performance in many areas is definitely enhanced by it. The focus of the Neurohacker Collective team has stayed true to the spirit of a well-formulated nootropic in that it should always enhance the user's experience but never detract in any way. I believe this is particularly the case for Qualia Mind.

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Riley M. September 1, 2021

I love this product!

I feel smarter already! Thank you!

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Kandace T. August 10, 2022

5 stars

Brandon K. August 17, 2019

I have been using Qualia for about a year and I have noticed a positive change in my mood. I noticed a pretty significant enhancement in my mood and focus the first time that I took it, but that was the only real time I felt that way. Since then it has been a bit more steady feeling of focus and ...

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Caleb N. April 10, 2022

Christ conscious

Looking to upgrade my mind 😎

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