Cheryl P. reviewed Qualia Original Stack

over 2 years ago

It definitely works for me!

I’ve been taking Qualia for over a year now, and have noticed a vastly improved cognitive function. I’ve been able to quantify the improvement through my ongoing Lumosity addiction. The improvement has been consisent and significant. I highly recommend giving Qualia a try, but would recommend starting with a lower dose than recommended initially.

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Haden W. November 10, 2017


I like the product. My job requires me to find a flow state and stick with it for hours in order to keep up with demand. I'm naturally an introvert so being able to communicate is difficult sometimes. This product helps me overcome some of those difficulties. I'm grateful for it

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Kevin W. February 2, 2018

Fantastic product!

Very glad I found qualia! I am hooked on neurohacking! Feel more like myself, deal with stress better, and the list goes on. Thanks guys!

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Hunter D. February 14, 2018

Feeling Motivated!

I've been using Qualia for 3 months. Every day I wake up feeling alert, focused and motivated - something I haven't felt in a while. I have been working a desk job for 10 years, but Qualia has given me that push to finally pursue a career that makes me happy. In January, I got my CrossFit Level ...

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Jerome A. December 21, 2017



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