Chang H. reviewed Qualia Mind Essentials

about 4 years ago

It doesn't affect me at all.

I wasn't sure about the product before I am sure after taking it. It doesn't work for me.

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W. Tacks F. May 7, 2020


Unsure of the results but going for another order because I’d like to give my body to take some time to process and get used to it. Hopefully it will give min e a better determination. The 5 pills in the morning seems a lot to not notice drastic change.

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Kenneth B. January 4, 2021

Experience after two weeks

Don't see any changes

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Julie R. February 14, 2024

So far so great

I started taking this and in 3 days it seemed to help me deal with my day a little better than I normally do keeping thoughts organized and focus through a high stress day full of challenges and distractions.

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Hanlin L. June 30, 2021

Fully recommended

I super recommend NeuroHacker Qualia Mind Essentials. It worked for me!!

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