piers s. reviewed Qualia Mind

almost 4 years ago

It has been life changing

Four years ago, I worrying about my career as a documentary director. At 35 years old I had taken a huge risk and switched occupations. I had just reached 45 and I hadn’t achieved what I had hoped. I was already a good decade older than anyone at my level in the television industry and feared that when I hit the big 5 and O I would be judged too old to get the jobs I was going for and it would be game over, career over. I knew I had to maximise what I was doing in the time I had if I was ever going to get a chance of success, but my work rate was appalling, my energy levels low and my brain felt slow and mushy. After some soul searching and digging around the web I realised that if I was to up my productivity I needed to upgrade my mind and body. I tried a few healthier diets and saw an improvement but I was still way off being fully productive with my work time. Then I stumbled on an article about Qualia. It sounded great but initially the high price tag put me off, I was struggling to balance my books financially and having to get the product delivered to the UK and pay import taxes made an expensive product even dearer. But in March 2018 I bit the bullet and ordered and… wow! I felt the difference in days! It turbo charged my work rate, my levels and lengths of concentration, my mental clarity. I no longer got the brain fog and memory gaps that used to plague me. And now, 20 months later, my career has finally caught up with my expectations. This month I was nominated for a BAFTA, the biggest award celebrating the best in UK film and television. There is no way I would have achieved this on my previous work rate! It’s not just my career that has benefitted. I have more energy in all aspects of my life and I am now exercising again for the first time since my early 20s. I run three times a week and go to the gym. I am 50 next year and fitter and stronger than when I was 30. I am also a better husband and father. Aside from being happier, (career success seems to play a big part in happiness for me) I have more energy to devote to my family, I am less grumpy and I believe my renewed mental clarity makes me less argumentative. I can’t say all this is down to Qualia, not scientifically anyway, but I can point to it being the catalyst for where I am today and for that I am truly thankful.

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Ordered for me, but worked better for my husband

I followed the makers of Qualia for over a year (i.e. via podcasts) and then ordered it. I did not have any major effect - however my husband who is 65 started taking it and I saw the change in him right away; sharper, better memory, it's pretty incredible. So, I continue to order it for my hus...

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5 stars

Dmitriy K. September 21, 2021

Awesome product!

I have been so much more focused & driven since starting this product a couple years ago. It may be "expensive", but so is a Mercedes. You pay for quality.

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Clear minded

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