Nicholas G. reviewed Qualia Focus | Beta Tester

2 months ago

It Really Works!

I actually feel more motivated! I've been in a horrible depressive, non-productive slump for many months, and, I kid you not, on the first day i was able to accomplish something I had been putting off for months! This has truly helped me focus, and my motivation is astounding compared to where I was just a few weeks ago.

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Christian B. August 18, 2021

Good for focus and productivity

Effects are subtle, but consistent. I'd describe them as a general increase in clarity and ease of focus for about 4-6 hours after taking before steadily winding down with no noticeable crash.

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Rachel H. November 25, 2021

The Real Deal

I was delighted with the increase in motivation. That took me by surprise. It’s nice that only 2 capsules are needed and as I am not a breakfast eater I wondered if the product would be effective. And I could swear it elevated my mood while giving a sense of well being if that makes sense. But th...

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Erik K. August 19, 2021

Alert and aware

Seem to have clarity throughout the day.

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Nick B. August 19, 2021

Enhanced Mental Clarity & Focus

I have noticed increased energy and mental focus when focusing for long periods of time - especially on tasks that I usually find somewhat difficult to get into such as writing about & reading new material.

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