Taj R. reviewed Qualia Mind

over 1 year ago

It’s Awesome

I felt a great deal of mental energy, keep up the great work 🤟

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Lorea M. July 6, 2023


I definitely notice a bit of an energy burst in the morning when I take this, and I feel my mood and my sleep are much more balanced with less extreme and shorter duration lows. I do notice that I sweat a little more & it’s a bit more of a potent smell, likely from the stimulating factors, bu...

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Anthony G. December 1, 2023

Qualia Mind

It’s good to much caffeine for me tho so if your not a big caffeine drinker I would go with the non caffeine one

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Hakan A. November 12, 2021

5 stars

Michael G. October 26, 2021

5 stars