Guest reviewed Qualia Original Stack

about 2 years ago

It works.. but

The product definitely seems to do what it is intended to. Thoughts seem more clear and concentration is easier to prolong. With that being said, the difference is not extraordinary for the price. I did not expect a "Limitless" experience and think the product does really work, but for the price point monthly it is a bit steep to continue with for the given results. Good product, but pricey for what it gives you.

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Tyler W. December 11, 2017

My go to one stop shop

I'm not going to be able to put this more eloquently than several of the other customers who have reviewed before me, so instead I'll offer this. I have a monthly subscription for Qualia and have for about 6 months. I think my continued return business is all the evidence that one needs when as...

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Alisia R. February 18, 2018

1/3 is perfect

I started off w recommend start dose and the first week I was increasing. I felt a little nauseous..... so I found my sweet spot. 1 step one and 2 step 2 Boom I’m basically a genius!!! Love it.

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Chris D. November 19, 2017

Ability to stay focused and Stoic

Since starting Qualia, I have been able to stay focused on solutions, be stoic and find the best path for completion of those challenges. The only stress I allow to influence me is the physical stress from the physical fitness regimen I have adopted. My memory has improved along with being in t...

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Colton B. October 2, 2017

Pretty interesting

I am a coach and it's been interesting how I'm able to flow a bit better with qualia and remember what I was just told with out getting sidetracked in my head. Its not like a magical pill but it definitely makes bit a difference and gives me a slight edge. I feel like it would work even better if...

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