Darin B. reviewed Qualia Nootropic Energy

12 months ago

It works, but not for me.

The first two doses had me a bit jittery, this sounds weird to say but I could almost taste the nervous energy during yoga practice. The 3rd to 5th doses were better, like I had acclimated to it. No significant increase in function. I actually feel better using Qualia Mind or simply micro-dosing mushrooms and staying hydrated. Taste is a bit rough.

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Ralf T. February 9, 2021

Gentle energy boost

Gentle energy boost, very pleasant. I can feel the effect throughout the day but it still let's you take a nice nap. Overall very good. Packing could be approved. I feel the plastic bottle is very wasteful and the safety cover is hard to open, especially when driving .. A small, easy to open glas...

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Michael B. February 6, 2021

So Glad I Got This Product!

This product not only energizes all aspects of my physical form there is no crash and that sustained clarity keeps my day productive/full or vitality.

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Carrie K. October 16, 2019

More energy

I believe I had more energy. I teach BallroomDance and taught lessons in San Diego and Vista, so long day, with 4 hours of dancing and a few hours of driving. I felt alert and handled the day well. I do wonder if having 2 or 3 samples of the product would give me a more comfortable position to ...

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Cameron D. February 3, 2021

Subtle Results, But a Bad Taste in My Mouth

Out of the fives days I have taken this, I have had paper from the seal fall into it twice. The seal is very difficult to remove and it isn't a great experience to feel part of it in my mouth when taking the shot. That said, the taste is really difficult to handle without chasing with water. The ...

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