Francis Z. reviewed Qualia Mind

over 4 years ago

It works!

I was a bit skeptical about Qualia at first, since I'm the type of guy who don't believe in taking any "drugs". Now that I've been on Qualia for about a month, consistently 7 capsols a day, I noticed a significant improvement in my mood. I used to have slightly negative mindset most of the time. After taking Qualia, I've noticed my mood shifted towards being positive most of the time. My thinking happened to become clearer/sharper as well, though less noticeable. It could simply due to the fact that I'm less attuned to my own emotions, and my brain isn't a good judge of its own performance. Interestingly, more dosage (I've only gone up to 8 capsols a day) doesn't appear to help, rather my mind was dull and I lacked energy on the two days I took that dose. Need to experiment more to be sure. So why 4 instead of 5 stars? This has to do with high expectation vs actual results. After listening to Daniel's podcast interview with the Life Stylist, I was expecting dramatic results right away. Though like all things, re-wiring the brain takes time, and there are no miracle cures. I may revise and give Qualia a 5 star rating, after its long term effects have established and stabilized.

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