Khalid R. reviewed Qualia Mind Energy Shot

over 2 years ago

It works without getting in the way.

The flavor is powerful and concentrated. The serving is small so the taste was not difficult to deal with. I didn't feel any jitters or sudden alertness. What I did notice was that shortly after taking a dose what ever I was working on meditation, working out, work, or driving, I was focused and not distracted. All in all I'd recommend this to anyone looking to enhance focus without the 'physical' effects of a stimulant....Increased heart rate, jitters, dry mouth

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Cynthia D. February 7, 2021


Felt an energy boost and improved focus.

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Mehial Mike B. February 28, 2020


So far seems to help when I need to dig down and hustle

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Jesse B. October 16, 2019

Clean feeling energy

Nice steady clean feeling energy is the best way I can describe it

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sarah d. August 10, 2023



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