Rudolph P. reviewed Qualia Mind

almost 2 years ago


I am currently training to become a wild land firefighter and have a lot of information I am challenged to retain. I have been taking Qualia for a month now and I have to admit that it does the trick, Im able to focus when it comes to sitting in front of a computer studying (I am more of a active / moving around type of guy, my mind is all over the place when stationary), I usually turn to coffee or an energy drink to keep me focused but Qualia has been a healthier alternative. It’s also a good pick me up for physical activities. I really enjoy those long mini marathon runs or long uphill trail runs with a good audiobook or podcast along with a dose of Qualia Mind. Definitely recommend!

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This product is amazing! You can feel it working in a matter of minutes! I become super alert and ready to tackle the day!

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Has everything you need

This is a great product that delivers hard-hitting focus and results. Nothing better out there.

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