Rudolph P. reviewed Qualia Mind

over 2 years ago


I am currently training to become a wild land firefighter and have a lot of information I am challenged to retain. I have been taking Qualia for a month now and I have to admit that it does the trick, Im able to focus when it comes to sitting in front of a computer studying (I am more of a active / moving around type of guy, my mind is all over the place when stationary), I usually turn to coffee or an energy drink to keep me focused but Qualia has been a healthier alternative. It’s also a good pick me up for physical activities. I really enjoy those long mini marathon runs or long uphill trail runs with a good audiobook or podcast along with a dose of Qualia Mind. Definitely recommend!

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Justin H. July 16, 2023

It's what you've been looking for!

If you're looking for that nootropic that puts you in the zone, this is it. This is absolutely motivational drive in a bottle. It gives you better focus, clarity, energy, and most of all ENTHUSIASM for the day and today's challenges.

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Chris C. November 15, 2020

Been taking for over 1 year, fantastic product

Qualia Mind is the best supplement I have ever taken. Not only does it cover your bases for daily B, C, D, etc. vitamins, it has several other key nutrients and extracts that brighten my mood and sharpen my mind. I typically take 5 instead of 7, and find that works fine for me, and it also helps ...

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Daniel M. January 31, 2022

It works!

Feel energized, and alert! 3 months in and recommend.

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Patrick K. August 10, 2020


The taste is a bit fish-like, but not overwhelming. I have taken the product for 6 days (Monday through Friday, weekend off) and I have noticed that my concentration has been dialed in. It seems like a legit product so far.

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