Patrick H. reviewed Qualia Mind Caffeine Free

over 1 year ago


I have been a day-1 Qualia customer (my original orders were on a different login that I lost), and I've used the old formula and the new one. I guess it's called Mind, specifically, now, when I believe it used to just be a single supplement. Since the Caffeine-free one released, I've switched full-time to Caffeine-free, and it's the one supplement, if I had to recommend one supplement to any of my clients (professional trainer), that I would recommend. I feel wakeful and in-body with Qualia, as opposed to groggy and zoned out. I definitely prefer the old formula / Caffeine-in, however, I enjoy coffee, for taste, and want to manage my caffeine intake, so the existence of Caffeeine-Free is a life-saver and has kept me as a customer. You will feel wakeful and aware, but not hyper or overly-stimulated: things will be simply...Clear. Exceptional.

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