Gavin C. reviewed Qualia Focus | Beta Tester

over 2 years ago

Longer Focus

Increase focus capacity

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Michelle J. December 14, 2022


I love this nootropic blend, it exceeds expectation. I love the clarity that I feel when I take this, but enjoy the lack of any jitters or increased anxiety even more. So good

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Ricardo M. May 25, 2023

Noticeable improvement

I feel a little more alert and able to focus better.

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Chris S. July 27, 2023

Having a clear mind

Wonderful product! Sharpens the mind all around the board!

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Janyss W. March 8, 2023

Amazing Product

This worked amazing the first week. I’m not sure if the effect wore off or I was doing something differently. It still works just not as good as the first week. I wish I could keep taking it to further gauge its affectedness.

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