Paula H. reviewed Qualia Senolytic

7 months ago

Looks great

Just got started with the formula but looking forward to seeing how it goes

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Ron C. September 17, 2023

Only time will tell..

Did my first 2 day supply, as one who is very intuitive with their body i didn't notice any change. Wasn't sure exactly how to consume them (all at once, or at different intervals) and taking 6 pills at once seems different than any other supplement that I have ever taken before. We'll see if the...

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Christina S. August 23, 2023

Professionally Done Product

The product is well-packaged, professionally done, and the instructions are clear. The senolytic only needs to be taken for 2 days per month which is a huge relief to trying to remember to take multiple pills at multiple times every single day. I have only taken one month's worth at this point an...

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Brandon P. June 26, 2023

Good product

Overall a good product. Felt more clear minded and not as drained all the time!

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Kitty C. November 5, 2023

Good support

Innovative product

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