Kawika M. reviewed Qualia Immune

12 months ago

Made me wonder about possibilities.

I truly wish you had considered offering more than you did for the study. You take a pain reliever for a headache and it works (or should) in an hour or two. But to experience a noticeable change in my body's immune system after just five days? Let's put it this way, if that had been the case, I'd sign up right now for a lifetime subscription. But after taking this for only five days, I simply didn't have enough time to actually notice much of anything. That would be a concern if I felt no change after 30 days, perhaps. But to ask me to take a supplement for just five days, where most of the ingredients work synergistically and over time just seems a bit...well, not thought through. That said, if you want to repeat the study and look at a longer timeframe, please do consider me. I truly do think this formulation has great potential as a pathway to wellness and a better functioning immune system. I'm just not sure how a person would help you validate this by getting just five days' worth of the product.

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Blake W. February 10, 2021

Energy and stamina

Felt more energy and stamina throughout the day after the 3rd day. Would be excited to try for longer to see what long term results are like!

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Samantha H. June 18, 2020

Good sleep and energy

I didn't have a very noticeable reaction to it. I would probably want to cycle off it (which I'm doing now) and then see if I noticed changes.

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Simone B. February 4, 2021


Fairly non-intrusive, did make me a bit nauseous, which usually went away if i ate a little more

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James L. January 30, 2021

Top-notch immunity stack

Haven't been sick since I've started using it, and it doesn't cause an upset stomach like other supplements with with zinc in it. Has all the ingredients and more that I was looking for in an immunity stack.

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