Jorge H. reviewed Qualia Mind

about 3 years ago

Makes me feel normal, like I remember.

There were a lot of expectations when starting this supplement based on the YouTube video reviews I saw before making the purchase. I will start off by saying that I expect the results would be different for me if I was more optimized like I used to be in the not so distant past, meaning having my diet and sleep dialed in. For me this supplement makes me feel like I used to; little to no brain fog or after lunch crashes and the ability to recall what the heck I was thinking about 3 minutes ago. My mind goes all over the place and this kind of helps me focus on the moment and get things done without getting lost in my thoughts and having my body run on autopilot. I have two jobs and it’s been this way for several years and I now have energy throughout the day to get me through the day just fine. When I say energy I really mean my mind is not tired like it usually has been prior to this supplement. Before Qualia Mind I’d depend on smart drugs and other nootropics that really messed up my sleep and HRV scores. I see now that my HRV readiness score has increased a bit according to my CoreSense HRV monitor and my deep sleep has also slightly increased according to my Oura ring. Speaking of sleep I’m now able to remember my dreams and have even experienced some lucid dreaming. Finishing up here this supplement has enabled me to work more efficiently through out the entire day, it has eliminated most of my brain fog, my focus/HRV/and deep sleep has increased but like I said, if feel like I used to before I started working two jobs and not eating and sleeping well. I think I was expecting almost a “limitless” type of experience? I’m almost done with the first months supply and I just received the second months, I’ve started cleaning up my diet and I’m making an effort to prioritize sleep. I will see what kind of changes I experience in month 2 then when I receive my third bottle I’ll take a couple of weeks off before starting it and see how I feel with out it. I’ll know then if I want to continue purchasing this product.

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