Timothy T. reviewed Qualia Original Stack

over 6 years ago

Making better choices

With two weeks of taking Qualia now, I've had a variety of positive experiences. It was pretty subtle the first few days, mainly involving improved attention. Then I was aware that without exerting much willpower I seemed to be making better choices and following through with those choices. But the biggest benefit for me so far is in being more at ease in social situations.

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Joshua T. October 17, 2017

Good product, all around

I gave it 4 stars bc the initial start was a little unpleasant: headache, stomach discomfort. Then I realized I needed to drink more water AND more coffee! Mentally, it lifts the proverbial fog and keeps one on point with a veritable calm throughout the day.

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Brandon P. January 4, 2018

Alchemical Brilliance!

All the little processes of the mind get bolstered. Subtle, but the synergistic effects are fantastic. Add in that Ashwagandha!

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kenneth f. March 4, 2018

Clarity for high performance

I work in a fast-paced and competitive medical field where people’s well being is in my hands. Qualia gives me the clarity and mindfulness to perform at my best and provide the highest level of care.

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Eder N. March 7, 2018

Holistic Enhancement

My experience with Qualia has exceeded my expectations. So much so that I have now become a full bio/neurohacker convert and are now spending lots of my time getting caught up with this movement and its commitment to the emergence of a truly Human culture capable of taking on the challenges of ou...

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