Michael K. reviewed Qualia Focus | Beta Tester

about 1 year ago

Mentally sharp throughout the day

Fantastic, I've noticed I make it longer through the day before experiencing brain fatigue, and at the end of the work day i'm not nearly as exhausted as I was before.

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Rafael A. February 15, 2022

Focus study

The niacin flush is uncomfortable, makes me feel anxious. Once that goes away I feel consistent energy and focus through out the day. Some days I feel impatient with other people.

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Beth W. April 19, 2022

Amazing improvement!

Focus significantly improved, clarity returned, felt like I had a 5 year rewind.

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Adrian S. November 16, 2021

Feels good

I feel much sharper during my work. concentrated and less distracted

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Charles H. July 17, 2022


Helps me stay focused throughout my day and has improved my productivity at work

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