Chris K. reviewed Qualia Mind Essentials

6 months ago

Mind Essentials 2 week check-in

I started on a Thursday and then took two days off on the weekend. I may have had a placebo affect during those first two days, but I feel like I noticed instantly that I could focus much better. The following week took a few days, but eventually I felt like I was handling complexities with just a bit more clarity. The challenges of emotional temptation has lifted its weight slightly to a more methodical and structured mindset, but I am totally convinced yet. I invested in Mind Essentials because I am working on a technical certification which requires much planning and rigorous reading and lab work. I may have chosen a slightly inconvenient time to test this product, because I am in a heightened traumatic state than normal being that I just moved from an apartment into my first house with a mortgage. I want to say it is actually helping me where I usually get reactive and emotional, I'm now starting to process thoughtfully through these challenges more than usual. I do think I will make another assessment in the coming weeks.

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Beth C. March 16, 2020


Perfect solution for a calm, cool, and collected approach to your life. I feel great!

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David M. October 19, 2020

Focus Study 8 - Feedback

To be honest, I went in with high expectations that this particular product would deliver some level of noticeable change or feeling. Unfortunately, I felt no difference or anything mentionable that may have contributed to taking the product. I wish I could say differently but that would be disho...

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Scott J. October 25, 2019


I love this stuff. It is amazing. Clarity, focus, energy, positivity.

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Lyssa B. October 21, 2019

Day one

This is the first day currently and I do feel I have a bit more energy and less stressed than usual dealing with work.

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